What to wear for a night at the movies

I had arranged with my boyfriend to have a night out at the Movies, Films & Stars . We wanted to go and see the new mamma mia film, which has been raved about so much on the television. We decided to catch the 10pm film as it was the sing-a-long version of the film, where every one in the cinema stands up to dance and sing while watching the film.

As I knew I was going to be standing during the film and possibly dancing also, I wanted to wear something that was going to be comfortable, but also not too hot.

I decided to look through my wardrobe, I had a lot of designer labeled clothing, some of which was suitable for a night at the cinema and other items which were more for a night out clubbing, than a night out at the cinema.

I browsed through my wardrobe and found a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans, a t-shirt (which was just plain white with no logo). Some trainers which had a designer label on them and a coat. I had to put a coat with my outfit as the weather outside was very cool and I had to walk from the car to the cinema, which sometimes took a while as it was often difficult to park around the cinema especially in the winter, for some reason more people go to the cinema in the winter months than in the summer.

After I had sorted my clothing out I decided to sort through my boyfriend’s wardrobe to see what he could wear too. Again he was big into designer labels and spent most of his Saturdays browsing the fashion boutiques in town, to try to pick up the latest in designer wear. I pulled out a pair of designer jeans for him, a pair of Tommy Hilfiger shoes for men, a coat and a t-shirt that looked distressed.

We set off for the cinema around 9pm, passing a car dealership selling New Cars on the way. When we got into the foyer there was a massive queue. I went to buy some coke, ice-cream, popcorn while my boyfriend was waiting in the queue. After getting tickets we made our way upstairs to see mamma mia. The film was well worth the wait, as the Abba songs were sung all of the women in the cinema stood and were dancing and clapping along to the film. Of all the Movies, Films & Stars i had seen over the years, this had to be one of best films I had seen in a long time.

Unfortunately it was more a girlie film than a mans film and my boyfriend sat for most of the movie munching on his popcorn in the corner, praying that no-body knew who he was. Having said that the clothes that I had chosen for his night out were comfortable, and he said I had made a good choice when pulling out the shoes and coat for him to wear.

Next time we go to the cinema, I think I will let him choose the film and I will stick with choosing his clothing.