Watching Movies while on Cross Trainer

I have never been to a Gym in my life as I like to go running at the weekend and always try to go swimming at least twice a week. This is the way I have tried to keep fit for quite some time now and prefer it to any other sort of exercise. However, all this was to change when my neighbour bought herself a Cross Trainer. I couldn’t understand why she would want to use a Cross Trainer at home as she always goes to the Gym and works out on an Ergometer and Cross Trainer there. She was very eager to show me the Cross Trainer she had bought and rather reluctantly I decided to give it a go. I felt sure this would be something that I wasn’t going to enjoy. But I was wrong; I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want to get off.


My neighbour had been trying to get me to go to the Gym for a long time and I had always refused, saying I preferred to run and go swimming but now I had changed my mind. Like my neighbour pointed out I could do all three things and just to make going on the Cross Trainer more interesting I could even watch a movie on a DVD film screen (….) while doing my exercises. That was the moment I decided that I too would buy a Cross Trainer for my own personal use and watch a movie at the same time as keeping fit. The only thing that I was a bit worried about was where I should put it. After much consideration I decided to put it in the spare bedroom where I could place a television set in the corner and catch up on any interesting movies that might be on while I was on my Cross Trainer.

Having found the Cross Trainer to be so good I have also joined the Gym and regularly exercise on the Ergometer which I find very enjoyable. I would very much like to own my own Ergometer but the only problem is having the space at home to accommodate it. Each evening I check to see whether there is going to be a good movie on the television and at the correct time go up into the spare bedroom and start my workout on the Cross Trainer. Sometimes I am enjoying the movie so much that I don’t even realise that I am exercising.