Advertisements of Renault and tuning shown in cinema

The cinema is a great place for people to go and relax, to chill out and watch a film is the ultimate high for some. There are films that make you laugh, others that make you cry and some are just plane awful. The cinema’s themselves have come on leaps and bounds in the last 20 years. In the old cinema’s people had trouble seeing the film if someone tall sat in front, there was no-where to place your drink only the floor and the seats were uncomfortable and grotty.

Renault red

The seats in the cinema are now put on a much higher level, so that the film is visible to all even children. The seats recline, and the leg room is sufficient for someone tall or short. The arm rests have a place to put your cups and the cinema is kept at a reasonable temperature throughout the film. The rate to see a film for an adult is usually around the £6.50 mark, and there is often offers on Wednesday’s where two people can gain entry to the film for the price of one. Once in the cinema, the audience will be shown advertisements first of all, these can include products like, sportswear, trainers, aftershave, mobile phones, Porsche Tuning and Renault Tuning.

There are then advertisements for future releases which are due on the cinema, these are good for if you visit the cinema often. They give the customer an idea of whether the film is worth watching or not.

Car manufacturers often advertise on the big screen, it is a place where there are lots of viewers who will see the advert all at once. Maintenance of cars has become a critical part of keeping the car running and roadworthy, and many of the adverts on the television advertise products which are on offer in garages.