Movies, films and stars from Hollywood

Hitting the big time in Hollywood is what most actors aspire to do, there ultimate goal is to have there name up at the top of the credits on all the box office hits. They all want to win and Oscar and they all want there name in a star on the ‘walk of fame’ which is on both sides of Hollywood Boulevard. The walk of fame is a tribute to over 2000 who have worked in television, film and radio, who have made significant contributions.


The first star was put down in 1960 was for Joanne Woodward an oscar winning actress who married Paul Newman. She stars in ‘The long hot summer and ‘The faces of Eve’.

Many famous names have been placed on the ‘walk of fame’ since then.

Julie Andrews who is probably most famous for her part in ‘The Sound of Music’ but not forgetting the excellent performance that she gave in ‘Mary Poppins’, to this day children still watch this film and thoroughly enjoy it. Her performance in this film is a credit to the great lady herself.

Clint Eastwood whos parts include ‘Dirty Harry’, The Enforcer and ‘Every which way but loose’ – that’s the one with the monkey. He is best known for his part as the macho icon, but he proved himself to be someone who could act macho as well as make people laugh as he did in Every which way but loose.

After Clint Eastwood a Hollywood actor really had a lot to live up to, but Richard Gere was the next on our screens to make the girls swoon. Born in 1949 he first starred on TV before edging into film. His first big film was ‘Blood Brothers’ in 1978, followed one year later by ‘Yanks’. Richard Gere in a uniform was enough to send all the girls hearts a flutter. So in 1982 they put him back into uniform in ‘An Offices and a Gentleman’, he starred in various other films after this, but made a real come back in 1990 when he starred alongside Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’. Then in 1997 he proved he had still got what it took, when he played the part of Declan Mulqueen in the film ‘The Jackal’.

Bruce Willis, now this is a man who has starred in probably every action movie going. He started his career in TV, most famously starring alongside Sybil Sheperd in Moonlighting. He made is big screen debut in 1985 when he starred in ‘Blind Date’, he then went on in 1988 to star in his first (but by no means his last) action film ‘Die Hard’. ‘The Last Boy Scout’ which had been branded the film that would end his career, came next in 1991, Quentin Tarantinos ‘Pulp Fiction’ followed, then he had a multitude of hugely successful box office hits, these included the ‘Sixth Sense’ and ‘Mercury Rising’. But this wasn’t all because in between all of these films he had the chance to make two other ‘Die Hard’ movies. Middle age has definitely not stopped Bruce Willis, he has recently made Die Hard 4.0 which had all the great elements of the other Die Hard movies, with the funny quips, explosions along with an immense amount of shootings and bodies.