Dreamscene videos for movie fans

Just picture it your very own dreamscene videos on your desk top with your favourite movie playing. Sound appealing, well there is a way you could have this, by searching the web I found wallpaper animated for my desktop, which enabled me to have my favourite movie playing.


I love movies, in fact you name the movie and I have probably been to see it, my favourite movies are the Bruce Willis ones, you can’t beat a little action adventure, it takes you away from the reality of daily life. I initially started searching the web for some wallpaper, of a Bruce Willis movie to put onto my desktop. It was then that I came across dreamscene videos, they are videos that literally bring your desk top to life.

I put in a search for all of the movies that I have watched and loved over the years. Although I have watched many different action movies, the ones that appealed most for me to put on my desk top was the action/adventure ones, so I looked firstly through Bruce Willis filmography, he started his film career around 1985 with moonlighting followed in 1987 with blind date. These movies were pretty tame for the likes of Bruce until in 1988 he came out with the first of the Die hard movies, he made four of these all together. I had a feeling that it would be one of these movies that I would end up with on my desktop as animated wallpaper, but I felt it best that I check out other action/adventure films first before committing to it.

I looked up Arnold Schwarzenegger, knowing that he had also starred in many action/adventure films. I thought that any one of his films such as Raw Deal, Commando, Predator, The Running Man, Read Heat and Kindergarten Kop would have been fine to put on as wall paper, but I felt that the over all winner as desk top wall paper from these movies was definitely one of the Terminator trilogy.

The actor I looked up was Sylvester Stallone, who had many action/adventure movies behind him, but out of all of the movies that Stallone had produced it was a close call between the Rocky films and the Rambo films. I felt that the Rambo films would be the best for animated wallpaper, as all the explosions would be fantastic.

I put together all of the films I had seen and decided that the best wallpaper to use for my dreamscene video was one of the Die Hard movies. With plenty of action/adventure I felt that this would make the perfect animated wallpaper.

Any movie could be made into this wallpaper, at one stage I felt that Grease would have been a good one too to have on my desktop, with all the colourful clothes and songs, plus it is a film that most people have seen and would recognise instantly. It is far better now I have a moving image on my desktop rather than a static image. It gets the whole office talking. I also discovered whilst searching the net that online video rentals (http://www.fairyfilm.com) are now a very popular way of hiring videos and dvd’s.