The Blues Brothers and Sunglasses

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Every now and then a movie is made which becomes a popular culture icon. The Blues Brothers is one such movie which has had a huge impact on people from a large variety of countries and age groups. The Blues Brothers is a musical comedy which was released in 1980. The movie was directed by John Landis and stars John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd in the leading roles. This film is well known for its amazing music from the likes of James Brown and Aretha Franklin, its car chase scenes and the strong use of sunglasses on the main characters throughout the film. sunglasses and what they represent leave a strong and lasting image of the film on everyone who views it and the shades have definitely been a part of why the Blues Brothers is such a popular cult film.

The story of the Blues Brothers movie revolves around the redemption of the two main characters, Jake and Elwood Blues. Jake Elwood is a paroled convict who is fighting with his brother to save the Roman Catholic Orphanage where they grew up. The story revolves around this attempt to save the orphanage through setting up a rhythm and blues band in order to raise funds. The ‘Blues Brothers’ band has to raise $5000 in order to pay the tax assessor and stave off the foreclosure of the orphanage. You may be thinking that this is a strange story line for what has become a cult film over the years. However, despite a fairly pedestrian plot line, the movie the Blues Brothers has became a huge hit mainly due to its music, its attitude and its style including the sunglasses of the main characters.

The ability to achieve cult film status is somewhat of an enigma, with the defining points of what exactly a cult film is up for question. What does often go hand in hand with cult film status is a group of dedicated fans who like to dress up as the main characters. The Blues Brothers film has definitely achieved this status and is a staple at late night movie houses around the world. One particularly famous regular screening is at the Valhalla Cinema in Melbourne, Australia – where audience participation and reenactment of movie scenes is a regular occurrence. The use of iconic and easily recognizable images in the film, such as sunglasses, is a big part of its success as a cult movie.

Dedicated fans have even set up fan websites that catalogue the styles and scenes of the movie. If you have ever wondered whether Jake and Elwood Blues wore dior sunglasses or if they had another favourite brand than there are places you can go to find out. On one website I learned that the sunglasses worn in the movie were actually not dior but were ray ban 5022C15 ‘wayfarer I’ sunglasses, with brown frames and black lenses. It is dedicated fans like the ones who run these websites that distinguish a film as a cult movie classic and turn things like sunglasses into cultural icons.

The use of sunglasses in the movie the Blues Brothers was a fantastic idea by the stylists and directing staff. It has been one feature that the fan base has been able to grasp on to and call their own, along with the suits and the music. A cult film is a film that people can use to mold their own lives, a piece of art that has a direct influence over people’s habits and styles. By including such a strong style in the Blues Brothers movie, an iconic look has been created that is forever associated with the film, and one of the most important aspects of this image is sunglasses.